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Learn more about RemCo II and its features and your benefits.

RemCo II features

  • Always up-to-date:

    Easy and fast data upload to DYNWEB Platform via DYN@pp

  • Always saved:

    Smartphone is used for immediate data storage. Even if there is no internet access available

  • Always retrofiTtable:

    Retrofittable to all installed DYNTEST ControlBoxes

  • Always connected:

    Remote access to DYNTEST ControlBox for software update or parameter settings

  • Always compatible:

    Compatibility to DYNTEST product familiy

  • Always available:

    Available for iOS & Android

RemCo II Advantages

Be save:

Reduce risk of damaged systems due to ignored alarms

Be efficient:

Maintain your equipment only when its needed

Be informed:

Get system status whenever & wherever needed

Be smart:

Find new business opportunities based on your online data

why RemCo II

  • Avoid damages (engines or EAT)
  • Fulfill service requirements efficiently
  • Take imidiate actions on alarms
  • Observe engines online
  • Update software characteristics over the air
  • Endless possibilities …

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